Aceally (international) Group is a world's leading manufacturer and provider of high quality industrial and commercial storage solutions,which its sales Kunshan Factory Suzhou kunshan industrial area network has spread all over the world ,including Australia, Middle East countries, North America, South America,etc. 


Established since 1997 by Victor Wang,Aceally has now developed into a big Group owning more than 1,200 staffs and has built 4 factories located in Nanjing,Nantong,Kunshan and Kunshan Factory Suzhou kunshan industrial area Xiamen,covering a total area of 150,000 ㎡. 


Our products range from selective pallet racking and shelving technology to various warehouse equipment accessories.With our professional design team,we have years of experience to provide the best solutions to our customers. 


Aceally Group successfully makes integrity, happiness, wisdom and innovation as the core value of our enterprise. We take customers’ satisfaction as the goal and pay attention to the development among customer, enterprise and employee. 


Whatever your requirement, Aceally Group can make a external links for paying members only genuine contribution to improving your business by providing a first rate working and storage environment.

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